My Five Minute Make Up Routine

Living an hour+ away from work means I have to get up super early to get ready each morning. This isn't great. I'm very much a sleepy sort of person and as it's been winter, getting up early enough to put my make up on nicely has been a real struggle. To keep my morning routine quick and simple (so I don't have to get up super early), or if I need to get ready in a flash, I've collected a handful of products that give you flawless make up in no time. And give you that extra five more minutes in bed!

Smashbox: Photo Finish Primer Water 
Benefit: Hello Flawless Pressed Powder
Benefit: Gimme Brow
Maybelline: Great Lash Mascara

First of all I start with a primer. Smashbox are the absolute authority on primer, with the largest range in the UK. When I'm in a rush I use Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Water. This light spray can either be spritzed onto your face, or applied with a cotton pad. It evens the surface of your skin giving you a smoother canvas to work with. It also gives a refreshing boost when you spray it on your face, which is great for early mornings. 

Next I apply Benefit Hello Flawless Pressed Powder all over. This compact is perfect for when you're in a rush or on the go as it comes with a brush and pad. I use the brush to apply powder all over, and then use the pad to add a little extra to my T-zone and chin. The colour I use is "champagne", it's got more of a yellow base than a pink base which works for my skin tone. Though its a pressed powder, once you get a brush into it, it does break up quite easily.

Eyebrows are a quick trick just to make you look more polished, so next I use Benefit Gimme Brow to neaten and darken my brows pronto. The mini mascara wand allows you to shape and colour at the same time. Benefit has recently revamped and extended it's brow range, offering a wider selection of colours for the Gimme Brow. I can't wait to get my hands on some of their new brow products! 

Last, I apply mascara. Sometimes the old products are the best products. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara is a long time favourite of mine. It's got a simple short wand that works for top and bottom lashes, isn't clumpy and only needs one (max two) coats. Its perfect for quick lashes and lasts all day.

The last thing to do is spritz your face with the primer water, which also works as a fixer. This will set your make up and help it last all day.

This routine is a life saver in the morning. It's also perfect for when you're on the go as you don't need to take a huge make up bag with you. The primer water bottle is quite big though, so I have a mini spritzer bottle to fill up and pop in my makeup bag. 

Four products. Five minutes. Flawless make up. More time in bed. I hope this is useful for my fellow girls on the go, looking nice doesn't have to mean spending hours getting ready. 

What are your quick make up tips or favourite speedy products? 

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