My Top Five Work Lipsticks

I've been excited to write my first post, and it took a long time for me to decide what I wanted the topic to be. Work make up, I decided, seemed like a good place to start. I work in an office, so I always stick to quite natural make up to look professional. I'm an avid fan of lipstick so I thought I'd share my top five lipsticks to wear to work. 

Maybelline is one of my favourite brands for lipstick - they come in these gorgeous square casings, and the clear bottom lets you see the full colour. My two favourite colours at the moment are Rosewood and Burnt Caramel. They're quite similar colours, probably because these types of shades suit me so I tend to stick to the same palette of colours. Rosewood is a lovely natural darker pink colour thats not too far from my natural lip colour. It's not too bright, but is vibrant enough to lift your skin tone. I think this is one of the best shades of lipstick for people with green eyes. Burnt Caramel is my newest purchase and I've been wearing it all week! It's a darker shade than Rosewood, with more browny tones than pink. It's punchy and really great with warm skin tones, I think it's going to be a perfect autumn lipstick! These Maybelline lippy's are light and creamy to apply, so don't dry your lips out. They've got a nice dewy texture to them, without looking wet and shiny. i think these are two of the most perfect day time lipsticks. 

Mac, undeniably, make some of the best lipsticks out there. But with such a huge range it's taken me ages to find my favourite shades. For day time looks, and definitely for natural work make up, my top two are Velvet Teddy and Cosmo
Velvet Teddy seems to be the one to watch at Mac at the moment. Everyone's talking about it and it's constantly sold out! I bought it as a good luck gift for my first day at my new job way back in September, and this was the very first lipstick I bought from Mac. I wanted a nude lipstick but nothing seemed to suit me. Until Velvet Teddy. Whilst it's not a classic "nude" colour par se, it's a very light, matte, pinky brown which gives the same effect as a nude lipstick. This is the most versatile lipstick I have ever found. I match it with Etcetera Long Wear lip liner, also from Mac. I didn't think this would go with the lipstick, but it just softens the edges of your lips with a light brown hue. I was a bit worried that the matte finish of Velvet Teddy would make my lips look dried out, but it just looks super natural! I took a gamble with Cosmo, as I ordered it online with a gift card from Debenhams. Debenhams only stock Mac online, but they seem to have all the colours that are out of stock at Mac making it my go to place to order from now! Cosmo is beyond lovely. I don't tend to go for pinky coloured lipsticks, but I'm so glad I tried Cosmo. It's not a bright candy pink colour, but is really subtle and sweet making it ideal for spring. It's an amplified cream (whatever that means) which gives it a bit of a shine without it being super glossy. This lipstick really does last all day giving you pretty polished lips. Both these Mac colours make great allrounders as they work for day or night, and smart or casual looks!

Finally,  037 Diorling by Dior. This is my power lipstick. Red is a staple lipstick every girl should have in her make up collection. There's a lot of choice when it comes to red, but Diorling is my all time favourite because it's such a classy and timeless shade. Wearing this lipstick makes me feel in control and I love that. My first Dior lipstick is about 30 years old, and comes in a colour they no longer do (which is a shame because it's perfect!). That lipstick started a love affair with Dior make up. Diorling is part of the Diorific collection of 'Haute Couleur' shades, and is the most luxurious lipstick I've ever owned. It was a bit of a splurge purchase at £28 but it was totally worth it. The vintage style gold tube is simply gorgeous, and the colour is the right balance of bold and subtle. It's super long lasting, but it does have a tendency to dry my lips out a little, so I make sure to put a bit of lip balm on first. I can't wait to try out some more of the Diorific collection.

L-R: 037 Diorling; Cosmo; Velvet Teddy; Burnt Caramel; Rosewood
My favourite five work lipsticks are all quite similar, as they're classic colours that give a mostly natural look. They look professional without being boring, and are from three brands I absolutely love! 

What are your favourite natural lipsticks? Let me know!

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