Benefit PORE-Fessional Instant Wipeout Mask Review

On Sunday I flew out to America and took the opportunity to try out a new product I've been dying to try. Anyone who knows me will know that I've been struggling with my skin the past few months, so after exhausting my attention with the inflight films I decided to try out the Benefit Pore-Fessionals Instant Wipeout Mask! 

The packaging for this is so fun and it's a great size to slip into your make up bag. I planned ahead to bring this on the plane with me as I knew it would be a good chance to try it out. My face always gets so dry when I fly so I tend to bring some small face products with me to freshen up just before landing. I did get a strange looks from the guy sat next to me but I persevered for the sake of beautiful skin. 

The Instant Wipeout Mask claims to sort out "pore-problem areas" and in all honesty I think this product is amazing! You squeeze the "press here" bit and the serum soaks a small mask. This is great because it means the masks don't dry out and they travel really well. 

The packaging suggests you can use it on forehead, nose, or chin; I decided to go for nose and cheeks. I was surprised with how big the mask actually was, it easily covered my nose and my cheeks. On a slightly warm plane it was lovely and cool. You leave it on for 10 minutes and you could really feel it working. For me it did sting a little to start with, but this passed quickly and was replaced with a fresh tingling feeling. 

After a relaxing ten minutes I took the mask off, and I was genuinely surprised with how lovely my skin felt. You use the dotted back of the mask just to wipe the areas afterwards. When I looked in my little hand mirror I could see an instant difference to my pores. They were smaller and less noticeable. My skin felt much tighter and looked incredibly clean and fresh. 

I'm a big fan of Benefit, and I really love this product. It provided a great pick-me-up mid flight, and is definitely something I will be getting again! 

Do you have any great skin products? What do you take on flights with you? 

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