Highlights From my Recent Trip to Marrakech and Essaouira

Another travel post!!! At the end of June my boyfriend and I took our annual anniversary trip away; this year heading to Morocco to escape the drizzly grey weather and brexit (don't get me started)!

We started our trip in Marrakech. This famous city has always been on my "must visit" list and there was a lot more to the city than I had thought their would be. We decided to try out traditional moroccan riads for our trip - these guest houses are all rated better than the big hotels and they were just too beautiful to pass up. In Marrakech we stayed at Riad Blue Du Sud. They sent a car to collect us from the airport, but as the cars can't enter the main city, they escorted us the rest of the way on foot. It was a bit daunting being taken down a winding maze of streets but when we went through the door into the riad we were met by the most colourful place I could imagine and the most friendly staff! The riad had 5 rooms, over 2 floors, all of which opened out into a little court yard. Our room had a four poster bed, and I'll be honest I felt like an Arabian princess when laying in it.

My Five Minute Make Up Routine

Living an hour+ away from work means I have to get up super early to get ready each morning. This isn't great. I'm very much a sleepy sort of person and as it's been winter, getting up early enough to put my make up on nicely has been a real struggle. To keep my morning routine quick and simple (so I don't have to get up super early), or if I need to get ready in a flash, I've collected a handful of products that give you flawless make up in no time. And give you that extra five more minutes in bed!