Switching Off from Work When on Holiday and Travelling

Recently I've been busying myself writing travel posts about my recent trips to Las Vegas (you can read about it here) and Morocco (find it here) and day dreaming about my next adventures, so today I wanted to talk about something I found quite difficult for both trips - switch off from work.

Growing up my mom had always had quite stressful, attention heavy jobs. And when we went on holiday, despite her best efforts there were times she was answering calls and emails from the sun lounger. As a graduate I felt this pressure enormously as in the past people have told me you can't take any time off during your time on a grad programme. This really worried me to begin with but I've come to realise it was completely ridiculous. 

Three Ways to Wear Culottes

Hello hello! I apologise in advance for the amateur photography in this post! Who knew it would be so difficult to take outfit photos by yourself! But I love the trousers featured in this post way too much not to share them!

Culottes have sort of come out of no where and become very very cool! And I love that! My body isn't in the state I'd like it to be in (I'm working on it though) so culottes are a welcome break from all the tight, skinny fit clothes that have cycled through fashion recently. They're loose fitting and perfect for the summer (if the sun ever manages to stay out for longer than a day)

We Need to Support Each Other

Hey hey! This morning I logged onto Twitter to catch up with the blogging world and to my utter disappointment I came across a post where someone just couldn't let another blogger try to share and encourage support amongst women. The message was simply let's have each others backs. But as per usual, a push for a positive message wasn't lapped up by everyone. And it got me thinking, why can't girls share encouragement, support, and positivity without being made to feel small or guilty for it.

Diorskin Nude Air Foundation by Dior

Hello!!!! Today I want to talk about my absolute favourite foundation. For the last 6 years I've been the biggest fan of Dior's Diorskin foundation range. I obviously went through the phase every girl goes through where we wear the most awful, badly matched foundation (it's a right of passage let's be honest!) but my mom and auntie decided to intervene and took me "proper foundation" shopping. I was marched to the Dior counter and the lovely makeup artist tried all the different foundations and colours to find the perfect match for my skin. We settled on Dior's Diorskin Nude in shade 021. It has been the best foundation I've ever had. Until this year, when I discovered that Dior have an even more perfect foundation! Dior Diorskin Nude Air.