We Need to Support Each Other

Hey hey! This morning I logged onto Twitter to catch up with the blogging world and to my utter disappointment I came across a post where someone just couldn't let another blogger try to share and encourage support amongst women. The message was simply let's have each others backs. But as per usual, a push for a positive message wasn't lapped up by everyone. And it got me thinking, why can't girls share encouragement, support, and positivity without being made to feel small or guilty for it.

Now, I agree there is a sort of move or trend for positivity at the moment, but why is that such a bad thing? What is wrong with people taking an active interest in making other people's lives just that little bit better? Even if you're spreading positivity for superficial reasons, you're still putting that positivity out there! So let's try our best not to tear it down or discourage it.

The issue that I came across this morning revolved around the never ending debate of what a woman can or can't look like. It's so archaic that we still try to argue that being curvy is negative. But putting down slim or skinny girls in response is equally ridiculous. NEITHER CURVY NOR SKNNY GIRLS ARE ANY LESS VALUABLE THAN THE OTHER. We are all valuable and that value doesn't depend on our shape or size. Some groups, shapes, and sizes of women do face more discrimination than others, but that doesn't mean it's okay to put one  down to lift up another.

From a young age girls are conditioned to compete with each other on superficial levels. To have the prettiest dress on, the cutest bow in your hair. So when we grow up into teenagers, young adults and even full on proper adults, this is almost ingrained in what it means to be female. And I find that really sad. Girls attack other girls for looking different, being a different size, shape, skin colour. Having different hair or being into different styles and hobbies. It (sadly) seems almost natural to link those things and someone's worth. 

So when someone tries to spread positivity and encourage women supporting each other, not everyone gets behind that. And that's a real problem. How will we ever move past this innate desire to put other women down rather than pick them up? Our self worth and self esteem shouldn't come from how well we fit the narrow characteristics we've been told are okay. And likewise, our self worth and self esteem shouldn't come from putting down those who do happen to have those characteristics! We can't avoid these characteristic guidelines existing, but let's deal with that positively!

I work in the finance industry, an industry that is still dominated by men. There are big movements to encourage women to be seen as equal to men, which praises the differences that gender allows. And once men get past the distraction that we're all sexy and gorgeous, and the fact that yes women do have brains, they encourage and support us. Women on the other hand, aren't necessarily always so supportive of other women. They'll comment on what a woman decided to wear and how it relates to how good she could be at her job. Men don't do that. 
As women, we should support each other. We should encourage positive body image and stop body shaming each other. Find your self esteem in whatever you can, but not at the expense of someone else's. 

"Calling somebody else fat won't make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any smarter."

Let's stop being mean girls. In fact, let's call it what it is. Let's stop being bitches to each other. Let people support each other, and encourage others to do the same. Let's not put other girls down to boost ourselves or our own agendas. We all do it unintentionally. But we can change that. 

Rant over. Thank you if you read this far aha! Let's just have each others backs. 

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