Diorskin Nude Air Foundation by Dior

Hello!!!! Today I want to talk about my absolute favourite foundation. For the last 6 years I've been the biggest fan of Dior's Diorskin foundation range. I obviously went through the phase every girl goes through where we wear the most awful, badly matched foundation (it's a right of passage let's be honest!) but my mom and auntie decided to intervene and took me "proper foundation" shopping. I was marched to the Dior counter and the lovely makeup artist tried all the different foundations and colours to find the perfect match for my skin. We settled on Dior's Diorskin Nude in shade 021. It has been the best foundation I've ever had. Until this year, when I discovered that Dior have an even more perfect foundation! Dior Diorskin Nude Air. 

The colour range of this foundation is the same as the Nude foundation, with a number of options to match both pinky and yellowy toned skin. I take the 021 in the Nude foundation, so decided to try the same in the Nude Air, which matched my skin brilliantly. 

I love everything about this foundation, starting with the bottle!! Rather than having a pump like most other foundations, the Nude Air foundation has a glass pipette/dropper. I love this as you can apply the foundation directly to your face or brush or sponge. This means you don't waste any on the back of your hand. 

Nude Air is a super light and airy serum, it doesn't feel heavy on your skin but still gives you a lightly airbrushed look. It is quite a fluid foundation (I have been know to get it everywhere unintentionally) but this makes it easy to achieve a nice even coverage. It's the perfect daytime foundation as its a light coverage, and with a bit of powder over the top it can make quite a nice evening foundation too. For events I add a little dusting of the Dior Nude Air Summer Glow on top of just the foundation. This a 2016 limited edition is a shimmery version of Dior's Nude Air Loose Powder, and gives a warm healthy glow. It also happens to come in an equally gorgeous container. 

Diorskin have a host of truly elegant foundations, and this ultra-fluid serum is a real breath of fresh air for your ski. It's illuminating, colour correcting and gives a gentle glow to your skin, but it looks and feels so unbelievably natural it's hard to believe that you're wearing foundation!

Dior are one of my all time favourite make up brands, and I haven't bought a bad product from them. As well as their foundations, I'm in love with Dior lipsticks too, read about one of my favourites here. I have tried out other foundations, but I alway send up coming back to the Dior range. There's just something really rather special about them. And now I'm a grown up, and not a student, I can actually afford them without having to forego a food shop!

I hope you enjoy this foundation as much as I do! Let me know what your favourite foundations are!

Do you have a favourite foundation? Have you tried any other Dior beauty products?

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