Business and Pyjamas with The Reach London

Hello lovelies! Tonight I wanted to talk about two things I'm passionate about: entrepreneurship and pyjamas!! Starting my own business is one of my all time dreams but what does it take to launch a successful enterprise? I caught up with luxury pyjama brand The Reach London to find out.

The first thing you need to launch your own business is obviously going to be the idea. No matter how big or small an idea you can probably turn it into a business in one way or another. The Reach London are an exciting British brand that will be launching a new collection of luxury cotton pyjamas for men and woman in a gorgeous variety of prints. Luxury pyjamas are usually silk and as sexy as silk is it's not cosy. These pyjamas are a new take on luxury with the finest cottons.
Their fabric prints range from the classics blue with white stripes to gorgeous paisley and Liberty flowers. They are hand tailored and are finished with ethically sourced mother-of-pearl buttons for effortless luxury.
The main hurdle most budding entrepreneurs stumble at is funding, as it's virtually impossible to start a business without an initial cash injection. Some people are fortunate to have the money spare to dive into business ideas but sometimes you need more than just the little bit you've got saved up in the bank and so people turn to different investors to back their business. 

The Reach London  have taken a different route to get the investment they need. They need £8,500 to launch their high end pyjamas so they have turned to Kickstarter to crowdfund their business idea. Crowdfunding is truly the modern way to kick start small businesses and it offers a great alternative to venture capital, a bank loan, or dragons den! 

Finally, passion is what sets entrepreneurial ideas apart. You can have the best idea and the funding behind it, but if you aren't passionate about what you're doing then it's not going to take off! We're constantly told to consume new products and there has been a real shift to buying from authentic brands who have a genuine love for what they do! The Reach London are definitely one of those brands. They use the best fabrics and the most dreamy patterns for their products, even their manufacturing is second to none using the same production factory as Burberry and Victoria Beckham. They genuinely believe in and have a love for their brand and products, which you can see from their carefully curated pyjama collection. 

Pyjamas are what I feel my most confident in and The Reach London's cotton pyjama collection is designed for comfort and confidence. They understand that people aren't always the same size for tops and bottoms and so unlike most pyjama sets you can select different sizes for each piece so your pyjamas fit you perfectly. And they have two different length legs for men. Alternatively you can purchase just the shirt or the pants, which is great because I love sleeping in just a shirt. They also hint to styling your pyjama shirt with jeans for an effortless look. 

Like many start ups before them, The Reach London need support to turn their incredible product and branch into a reality. These seriously chic pyjamas are worth getting out of bed for and you can get your hands on them by supporting their Kickstarter campaign here.
I can't wait to get my hands on some of these gorgeous pyjamas. Both pyjamas and starting your own business are about following your dreams. Maybe they will provide the entrepreneurial inspiration I'm searching for! 

Do you run your own business? Do you have any career girl trips? Are you a pyjamas kinda person?
(All photos in this post belong to The Reach London) 

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