Dream Travel Destinations

Hello!! So I've spent the summer mostly in the city which has been amazing for my job, but the concrete and glass buildings aren't the most exciting location to spend your summer and they've had me dreaming of my next trips! 

I've been very lucky to have two wonderful trips to America and Morocco this summer - you can read about them here and here. But all I've wanted to do is run off somewhere remote in the sun and just do absolutely nothing! No early mornings, no long commutes on trains. No desks and no emails! Just me the sun and a cocktail! Maybe a few cocktails! I've decided to put together a dream travel list of my ideal destinations for my next trip! These destinations are places I've always wanted to go and I think they're some of the best destinations to unwind from stressful jobs.  


Photos from Santorini are always stunning, and I absolutely love to read blog posts about idillic visits to this beautiful island! The Greek islands are always on my relaxation list as they're so dreamy and the sun shines all summer long. They've been tarnished over the past few years with the Greek economic issues and the migrant crisis but I think they'll always remain a staple summer destination. Santorini has seemed to escape these political problems and it's hard to imagine that anything bad or negative could ever happen somewhere so beautiful. The white walls and endless blue ocean make for the perfect setting to unwind. It's also not too remote that there's no where to explore, and it's a great addition to a Greek island hopping trip!

My dream Santorini hotels are: 

Astra Suites are hillside paradise! It looks wonderfully peaceful and has panoramic views of the Aegean sea and a sleepy volcano.  

Sun Rocks hotel is a luxury couples hide away so looks dreamy for escaping the city on a romantic trip in the sun!

The Maldives

I think the Maldives is probably on absolutely every dream holiday list ever written and I can completely understand why this collection of archipelagos in the India ocean is as exclusive as it is. Many people choose the Maldives for their honeymoon and many of the hotels are small and tailored towards a romantic trip with your favourite person. White sands and crystal clear oceans are what makes me happy and the Maldives has some of the best waters for snorkelling in the world. There's such a rich ecosystem here that I dream of exploring. With mostly all year round sunshine the Maldives is perfect for summer sun and winter sun. I'm planning a trip in late January and if I could go to the Maldives it would be an absolute dream come true! 

I don't know how people choose hotels in the Maldives they're all so incredibly beautiful, but for now these are my dream hotels: 
Angsana Velavaru Resort. Bright and beautiful this island looks unreal! The water villas have a 2nd story veranda where you can have couples massages and there's hammock nets above the sea!

Anantara Kihavah resort. This beautiful island looks an absolute dream with a selection of beach villas, pool villas, and over water villas. They are faced to set the sunset and I can't imagine anything more romantic.

Kandolhu island. Em Sheldon from emtalks.co.uk has just been here and her instagram pictures are to die for. This island looks like absolute paradise. 

My friend has just booked tickets to go to Australia and Bali which is most unlike her, as she's going by herself. So it got me looking at Bali. It's a popular destination for Australians as it's not very far whereas from here its at least a days worth of flying. But OH MY do I think that length of flight would be worth it! Due to its position in the Pacific ocean this volcanic island is lush and tropical with beautiful sandy beaches and coral reefs! It's got an ancient history and rich culture, with stunning temples to explore. Bali seems one of those places that have the perfect balance of culture to explore and beaches to relax and escape on. 

After flying such a long way I'd like to do more than just lie on a beach and miss out on such an incredible country. I don't know a lot about Bali so a trip would take more research and I'd enjoy staying in more unusual places so I don't have any dream hotels to add for Bali.


So many people I know have been to Mexico in recent years and they've all said the best things about it so it was a no braining when I was thinking of destinations for this list. It's a reasonably okay length of flight from the UK and is another fairly all year round destination! It can face hurricanes in the summer months but it's usually okay. The hotels here are big, really big. And many of them are All Inclusive, which is perfect when you just want to relax! There's two main resort areas in Mexico, the Cancun and Riviera Maya areas on the Atlantic coast and Puerto Vellarta on the Pacific coast. Both offer slight variations of Mexican culture. There's also lots to do in Mexico, from visit this cities, partying, Mayan temples, tropical forests and turtle beaches.

With so many hotels in Mexico to choose from it was tough to pick two for this post, but here are a couple of my dream Mexico hotels:

Thomson's all inclusive Sensatori resort in Riviera Maya looks really dreamy with restaurants, big pools and a lovely stretch of beach. The rooms have a private hot tub too!

A real oasis Excellence Playa Mujeres is set on a 2 mile white sand beach. The suites at this all inclusive hotel look stunning!

Hopefully I'll get to escape the city soon! I'm planning a trip in early 2017 and these destinations will be my first choices to look at! 
What are your dream relaxation destinations? Do you have any hotel suggestions for Mexico, Bali, the Maldives, or Santorini?

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