How to Balance Blogging and Working Full Time

I love reading blogs. And earlier this year when I was searching for something to do as a hobby to give myself a break from my job I thought why not try building a blog of my own. But I never quite appreciated just how much hard work goes into a blog (all you bloggers make it look so beautifully effortless!).

The decision to start a blog whilst working full time always seems like a good idea but in reality it's hard to build a following for your blog if you're working too. Posting consistently, networking online, finding inspiration for posts is all difficult when you can't devote all your attention to your blog.

I don't think my ambition is to become a full time blogger, as incredible as that would be! My blog is centred around my life as a career girl and if I stopped working in the industry I do I think I would lose what I'm trying to achieve. So I'm doing my best to find a way to balance working and blogging. If you do decide to start a blog along side a full time job here are a few tips I've been collecting over the past few months! 

Get Organised
What I've found hardest is maintaining some consistency - I've made it one of my Autumn goals to achieve some consistency with my blog. One of the things that makes me love blogs is when they post consistent, quality posts. I've a little notebook in my handbag that I jot down post ideas in. Ahead of each month I pick 8 posts that I'm going to publish over that month, add dates and make a note of any picture ideas I have for those posts. I score out posts I've written or decide are a terrible idea. This is quite a new plan, I've only just started doing it but it follows the sort of pattern I work to in my job so hopefully it should work! 

Take Photos in Batches
Finding time to get pictures for blog posts is such a challenge when you have to work all week. Yes my weekends are free but that's when I socialise and see my boyfriend. And sometimes you just need a break from "having" to do something! When I get the time to take blog photos, I take the pictures I'll need for a bunch of my planned posts in one. I also find that once I start taking photos for one post I kinda get in the flow and just end up taking more for another post. This helps with being organised as its far easier to get a post published if you've got all the pieces ready to go.

 Be Realistic
I would love to be able to post every day and get creative whenever I fancy but realistically that just can't happen. My job is my priority and along with that comes travelling, long days and professional exams. No matter how demanding or undemanding your job is, it unfortunately will take up a lot of your time. Be realistic with yourself about how often you can post and make sure you leave yourself time outside of work and blogging to see friends and family and chill out! You really don't want to get blogger burnout! 
 Keep Blogging Relaxing
 I started my blog to give me something outside of job to focus on and build my confidence. If I put too much pressure on myself then I'm just not gonna find it enjoyable! Starting a blog is about sharing things you're passionate about and nothing kills passion quicker than pressure. My blog is something I enjoy, twitter chats are something I enjoy! But if I miss a chat or don't manage to publish a post I don't get myself worked up over it. I have a busy life and sometimes that's going to get in the way which is fine. Don't put too much pressure on yourself to be the perfect blogger.

As I said my career one of the areas I'd love to focus on so I definitely need to find a way to balance these things! But even if your job isn't all that important to your blog it will help you pay for all the clothes hauls, restaurant visits, holidays, beauty products and photography props! 
Let me know if you've got any tips for juggling work and a blog! I'm always on the lookout for helpful tips! 
What are your tips for balancing work and blogging?


  1. Organisation is my biggest problem! I used to have a really good photo-writing flow but it seems to have gone totally out of the window in recent months!

    1. I'd love to be one of those naturally organised people. I just try my hardest to be organised and pick up tips where I can!

      I hope you get your photo-writing flow back!

  2. It definitely takes some time to find the perfect balance. Thanks for all your tips!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

    1. Thanks Sharmili! I hope they help!

  3. I totally understand your struggle, I am working full time, a mom and wife and also trying to blog so hard. I would say my hardest thing has just been actually finding the time to do my posts and be consistent as well. So if you have any tips please do share.


  4. My new blog post this eve is how to cope with blogging and education, similar tips! Being organised is the best way. xx

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

    1. Ooo I'll check out your post! Being organised is definitely the best, it's something I'm slowly learning aha! xx