The thing about blogging. Why I started a blog, and almost gave up.

Hello, Happy February!! I can't believe it's February already. I intended to hit the ground running with my blog at the start of 2017 but considering my last post was all the way back in October, I think it's safe to say that that hasn't happened yet. Oops. This hasn't been for lack of trying though. My heart is really into blogging and I've been writing posts as and when I can but they've not quite felt good enough to publish. Getting pictures for those posts has also just not happened.  There has been a lot going on in my personal life and I've had to turn my attention to the people who need me at the moment. As much as I've wanted to blog life has got in the way. Whilst I will always always always be there for my family and do anything I can for them, its all been quite overwhelming and I have needed to take a little time for myself and that couldn't be blogging.

I've always loved blogs and the thought of having my own filled me with anticipation and excitement!! But the reality of trying to run a blog hit me hard late last year and I had to put it down for a while to focus on other things. The decision to throw myself back into my blog isn't one I've taken lightly. I seriously underestimated the level of hard work that goes into a blog (all you bloggers make it look so damn beautiful and effortless! Which I now know not to be the case). But as this year goes on I've got some exciting opportunities that I'd love to blog about and I really really really need something outside of my work life! So here I am, not quitting, not giving up. I definitely had a lot to consider though, mainly the things that were more important than starting my blog.

There's three main reasons really why my first attempt at blogging hasn't quite been as I had hoped.
Firstly life has well and truly got in the way. It has a habit of doing that. Whilst I started blogging as a pastime for me in my spare time I've found I've not had any of the spare time I had been dreaming of. And the spare time I have had has been far too little to dedicate to a blog and I've had no motivation what's so ever. There has been so much going on in my life that taking time out to blog has felt selfish. I don't feel I can go into details on the internet, as it's all very personal to the people involved, but I do want to share how it has affected my blog. Family means the world to me and I will always give up my spare time to be there for them and help them how ever they need. And most of all just to spend time with them. With everything that's been going on, I'd have felt awful if I sat on my laptop plugging away at my blog, or on my phone on twitter or Instagram. So my blog had to be put to one side. And I know that was the best decision. Honestly, I would love to grow my blog and learn to create some really amazing content, but at the expense of my family? Absolutely not!
Secondly I love reading blogs. Adore it! But that's the problem. I found it so hard reading my favourite blogs, and some really wonderful new up and coming blogs, and then looking at my blog. I haven't grown a following (1 follower would be a dream) I see other bloggers creating truly incredible content, with brilliant photography and exciting products, events and destinations to talk about. And I got stuck in that old trap of comparing myself to them. My blog is mediocre at best compared to others. But what I forget is that I'm reading their now. Not their beginning. And once I remembered that, and realised everyone starts somewhere and that somewhere is going to be very different from their 1 year later, 3 years later, maybe even 5 years later, I didn't feel quite so bad about my little blog. Comparing your day one against another's day 1,000 is never a good idea. It's near impossible to avoid making those comparison but once I realised that I was being way too harsh on myself it got easier. I started seeing all the incredible content being produced as just that, incredible content to be enjoyed and admired. Not to be compared against.
Finally, work got in the way. Whilst my job doesn't take 20 hours a day, I'm not overloaded with work and I'm certainly mot stressed to breaking point, my job has gotten in the way of blogging. I love blogging and reading blogs. But I need my job. I love my job. Well, I think I do, the jury is still out over whether it's my true life passion but I'll figure it out in due course. I found myself getting frustrated that I had to focus on work and my professional qualifications rather than throwing myself into the blogging world. I got frustrated looking at all these wonderful experiences my favourite bloggers were writing about. Then I remembered that it's their job! Ans it gets in the way of their life too, and their hobbies outside of blogging. I stopped seeing blogging as a holiday from normal life and saw it as the industry that it is. And then I didn't feel so bad anymore. Do you know what the ultimate irony of it all is? The last post that I managed to publish before being overwhelmed by work was about finding balance between working and blogging. Oh the irony.

So I'm taking this as my day 1. A fresh start. Sadly life and work were still in the way at the start of 2017 but you know what I'm taking that to mean that it wasn't the right time for me. But now? Hell yes! My motivation is back, I've got inspiration, I've got pages and pages of blog post ideas that I can't wait to get stuck into! This is my day one. I can't wait to see what day 1,000 looks like!!

Do you blog? How did you find starting a blog?


  1. Good luck and keep going! Xxx

    1. Thanks!!! Definitely not going to give up this time xx

  2. Blogging is demanding and often not rewarding for a long time. However when you get into it, there is no coming back as the people you meet will become friends for life! Iga